2017-18 IMD Concert Schedule

 Cleveland Heights High School Instrumental Music Department

 Cleveland Heights High School Auditorium, 13263 Cedar Road

 Friday, November 17th       7:30 PM         Fall Concert

Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, and Heights High Symphony

Wednesday, February 14th   7:30 PM     Midwinter Concert Festival I

Concert Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band & Concert Band

Friday, February 16th   7:30 PM     Midwinter Concert Festival II

Symphonic Winds and Heights High Symphony,                                                        Corinne Nicol, senior soloist

Wednesday, April 25th      7:30 PM    IMD Finale I

Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Concert Band

Friday, April 27th      7:30 PM   IMD Finale II

Symphonic Winds and Heights High Symphony

Evangeline Bambakidis & Matthew Fields, senior soloists

Friday, May 4th              7:00 PM         Jazz Night




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